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TOSKOVIC Company® - MADRID, España
Other activities across our company - TOSKOVIC Company® 
Cooperation with our company can itself provide some important details that will, in every sense of the word, beautify your life, make it more comfortable, luxurious and opulent.In fact, besides the sale of luxury real estate as the primary activity of our company, at the request of previous and to the delight of future clients, our company offers a number of other supporting elements, which you will enjoy if you become the owner thereof and which will also be your personal success and that will give a stamp to your personal life and your reputation in society.
Construction of buildings according to your wishes in the turnkey, in this respect, and cooperation with experts who perfected your wishes and ideas turn into facility worth admiration.In accordingly expect help in finding ideal solutions, advice, and consultation with a team of people who will strunoscu his experience and broaden your horizons, introduce new ideas and work with you to create an image of the final project in relation to which the impeccable quality of the building and construction within the prescribed period.
Important, and also the good news for fans of instrumentation, and for those who are yet to become.
We offer you luxurious yachts, motor boats, vessels of different sizes and performance ... to enjoy with family, friends and business associates.Possibility purchase of pre-existing vessels as well as the possibility of construction per customer.
Sports TERRAINS. With your luxury property, or at any other location, and become the owner of a beneficial owner of various kinds of sports facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools ... Fill yourself desire, Treat friends, relax with business associates in their own golf course, tennis courts or any any other sports.Express your wish, bring your needs and those of experts will offer you advice and assistance in the decision and in detail the entire project implemented in act.A lot work requires adequate rest and relaxation that you certainly deserve, and for the sake of it and secure it.
Through our company and the desired AIRCRAFT. In modern business saving time is an important factor as well as the unconditional opportunity to be at the right time in the right place.Everything it is less feasible if depend on large crowds company.Skip the air transport, flight delays, layover and long waits at airport.Become aowns his own business aircraft in the capacity and size is determined by you, or choose a plane of her own needs.
​Wind Energy and Wind Power​ - Wind is a form of solar energy.  TOSKOVIC Company®
Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface, and rotation of the earth. Wind flow patterns are modified by the earth's terrain, bodies of water, and vegetative cover. This wind flow, or motion energy, when "harvested"​ by modern wind turbines, can be used to generate electricity.
This mechanical power can be used for specific tasks (such as grinding grain or pumping water) or a generator can convert this mechanical power into electricity to power homes, businesses, schools, and the like.
Contact us and we will team with our collaborators enable you a new source of energy in the form of Wind Power.
We cooperate with investment funds from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Russia and many other countries.
Due to the contacts we have at fairs and meetings across Europe, business connections are growing and we hope for new business associates.
Sincerely, TOSKOVIC Company®
Everything you need, you’ll find through Us - TOSKOVIC Company® in Madrid, Spain! 
In addition to Real Estate and Construction sector we are dealing with more and Export and Import from Spain to the rest of the world. 
Our company (TOSKOVIC Company®) provides consulting and logistics services in the field of investments in infrastructure projects in the EU countries! 
Due to too many business connections and contacts throughout the world we can sell any business anywhere and to anyone, contact our company and become part of our successful team, we are here to make it through a business profit jobs done on mutual business satisfaction. 
With all the respect, 
«TOSKOVIC Company®»
«TD Company®»
«TOSKOVIC Investments Funds» 
«TOSKOVIC Real Estate Business Investments & Consulting Company» 


TOSKOVIC Company® - MADRID, España
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