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TOSKOVIC Company® - MADRID, España
Project TURNKEY - TOSKOVIC Company®
Project TURNKEY - TOSKOVIC Company®
Project Turnkey with our company:
Large estate in our firm gives you the possibility of your choice that you choose the most beautiful, most attractive and most luxurious villa and make your life adjust the comforts of the real estate gives the appearance, position and related items.
If you want the property to be adapted to you, your needs and lifestyle, as he details the elements that you have imagined need to be involved in a project called "Turnkey".
Activating this project our company meets all its customers who want the real estate is totally different from the existing ones, especially at the selected location in his own way, and with the appearance of their choice, with possible advice and consultation with a team of experts behind the whole project.
Realization of the "Turnkey", it is possible to make it work, both on the Croatian coast, and the territory of Spain, in its central part and on the coast. So, select our location that suits you.
Beautiful coast of Croatia or any Spanish region, decide for yourself, and our part is that the entire project to perfection accommodate your wishes.
"Turnkey" project specifically is the following:
-- The client has to define the exact location where you want to build a building, surface terrain, and of course, size and type of construction.
-- In this regard, it is important to know that it is possible to build at all levels: low, medium and high construction type including exclusive  urbanization.
-- It is possible to build a structure of any size and number of objects is not limited to, actually possible to build a single family or a community,  which means more buildings-houses in a neighborhood.
-- Ready-house can be fully equipped with furniture, decoration and its accessories.
-- The client determines the amount of money you want to invest in the entire project.
-- The client determines where, how and how much, and then get the key in hands.
Sincerely, TOSKOVIC Company®
TOSKOVIC Company® - Project TURNKEY
TOSKOVIC Company® - Project TURNKEY
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