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TOSKOVIC Company® - MADRID, España
Property in FRANCE - TOSKOVIC Company®
Property in FRANCE - TOSKOVIC Company®
Cote d'Azur, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo ...
Purchasing real estate in this place reveals its power in the selection of superior quality.
To the pinnacle of luxury, the crown of your prestige.
Be part of the luxurious ambiance surrounding the famous, influential and famous figures.
Let your environment be the center of the glamorous, cultural and sporting world renowned events.
Cote d'Azur glowing, luxury, smell the sea and leisurely life.
You just miss!
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France, officially known as the French Republic, is one of the major powers, economically as well as politically, not only in Europe but also in the entire world. Known for its exotic locations, France is even today a hot tourist destination. However, in the recent years it has been recognized as the one of the hottest destinations for investing. Thanks to the government policies. 
France has now become ideal destination for investors who wish to expand their business overseas. Its commitment to free trade and various investor-friendly policies and a large market size in the entire Europe really makes it stand out from other countries not only in Europe but in the entire world. Situated in the heart of Europe, France really offers a huge advantage for investors looking to have a base in Europe. 
France is not only investor friendly but is also taking all the corrective measures that will help increase the flow of foreign investment.
Apart from being the largest market in Europe, France also possesses some attractive features that investors cannot ignore. It has a pro-business environment and is completely open to the world. It also has a well established financial market and a highly skilled labour force. When it comes to ease in starting a business, France ranks third in the entire world. 
Its highly sophisticated Science and Technology really makes it one of the most preferred destinations to do business in the entire world. It has a good Transportation and Infrastructure facilities that are conducive to carry out businesses in the country. France has a highly sophisticated transportation network including rail and road lines that connect France to other countries in Europe. It also has a good telecommunications network that provides all kinds of support that is needed for all sorts of transportation and communication.
The growth in the industrial output of France has really set an upward trend in its growth.
Market Size:
With more than 65 million inhabitants, France is the second-largest market in the entire Europe. France not only has room for investment in some of the major sectors such as R&D, automotive, construction and biotechnology but there is also lots of scope for investments in research in green and clean technologies. 
Growth figures and FDI figures:
France is the fifth largest economy in the world and has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a staggering $2,490 billion. As far as the foreign investment is concerned, France also stands out from other countries. France received a whopping $117.5 billion of foreign investment thereby making it the most favorite destinations for foreign investment in the entire Europe. In terms of foreign investment, France alone has a market share of 23.3% with over 23,000 foreign companies already having a base in the country. 
Out of these, 42 were in the R&D sector, thanks to the tax incentives provided by the government. This shows that France welcomes developmental investment and the French government provides all the necessary assistance that is needed to attract more foreign investment in the country.
Key investment areas worth investing in France:
There is lots of scope for investment in almost all the sectors in France. Some of the key sectors that are touching skies in France include automotive, Biotechnology, Software and Multimedia, telecommunications, Research and Development, Logistics and Computer Hardware & Peripherals. However, one key area where France really stands out from any other country in the entire world is the nuclear industry. 
France is the market leader in generation of electricity through nuclear power. It derives as much as 79% of its electricity through nuclear energy. Considering the importance of clean energy in future, France has already taken steps in the right direction and has become a hotbed of investment in this particular sector.
FDI/Investment policy in France:
Special incentives given by French government to boost foreign investment in France:
It is a kind of a rule in France that government encourages foreign investment in France and provides all the necessary incentives in all the forms to boost the inflow of foreign investment in the country. It provides loans, grants and special tax treatment for those who wish to invest in France. 
Steps taken by French government to bolster foreign investment:
Considering the importance of foreign investment and the subsequent benefits it brings, The French government has also established various agencies that work to attract more foreign investment in the country. One of the major agencies that work in attracting foreign investment in France is the Invest in France Agency or (IFA). This agency is teamed up with various government departments in the French government in promoting the foreign investment in France. 
The largest market in Europe, investor friendly policies and a free business environment, all these really make France one of the hottest destinations which investors today cannot overlook. 
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